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Applications of GRC

  • GRC Cladding — can be plain, textured, curved or with bands
  • Ornamental / Architectural Components:
    • Arches
    • Bands
    • Brackets
    • Balustrades
    • Cornices
    • Columns , capitals and bases
    • Domes
    • Fins and Parapets
    • Partitions
    • Window surrounds
    • Zharokhas
  • Landscaping and Garden Furniture:
    • Landscape element such as planters / flower pots
    • Garden furniture’s
    • Lamp posts
    • Bollards, Signs, Statues and Sculptures.
  • Technical / Civil Engineering Applications:
    (a) Noise Barriers
    The weight per unit of GRC or its surface mass, stiffeners provides a property of noise insulation at lower frequencies. Typical 10mm thick GRC having surface mass 20Kg / M2 will have an average sound reduction of about 30 decibel.
    (b) GRC Replacing RCC
    Long but lightweight element, which greatly reduces the load on the building, can be made.

Why only Everest GRC

  • Product offered by EVEREST COMPOSITES.
  • Sophisticated Plant, Machinery and Equipments imported from England.
  • Guaranteed users of Imported (AR) Glass fibre with high Zirconia (Zr02) content and imported rubber to match world standard quality of GRC components.
  • Exclusive Two GRC Manufacturing plant in India.
  • Pioneers in manufacturing GRC in india with 25 years of experience in various buildings Et constructions materials.

Typical Properties of GRC (at 28 days)

Glassfibre (AR) (WT. %) 2.5 to 5 depending upon component of GRC 3
Flexural Strength Mpa 6-11 4-7
Compressive Strength Mpa 35-65 40-60
Impact Strength Kj/m2 7-20 10-15

GRC Material Properties

Thickness – 10 to 15mm (depending upon article)
Wt. / Sq. Ft. – 2.5 to 4.0 kg (depending upon article)
Dry Density 1.8 to 2.2 T/M3
Colour Any earthen colour (popular colours are White 8 Pink)
Texture (a) Plain Smooth Finish, (b) Painted, (c) Acid Wash (Stone Finish)